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Feeling FilterForGood at Sundance!

For the third year in a row we teamed up with Brita in our FilterForGood partnership to help reduce bottled water waste at the annual Sundance Film Festival out in Park City, UT last week. Here, we provided 40,000 FilterForGood Nalgene bottles and Brita Hydration Hubs for festival attendees to use in place of bottled water as part of the festival’s overall commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Nalgene gang out at Sundance. Clancey – open your eyes!

Overall we consider this to have been a huge success as the initiative saved literally thousands of water bottles from ending up in the landfill over the course of the two-week festival. It was especially powerful to be able to watch a sea of bright green FilterForGood bottles latched on to festival attendees’ bags and purses as they walked down Main Street every day making the commitment to use their reusable Nalgene bottle in place of bottled water during the course of their stay. We have to admit too, that it was also pretty cool to see celebs like Robert Redford and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui and Adrian Grenier hydrating with our bottles as well!

We can only hope that those who were there take the message of FilterForGood away from the festival and apply it in their every day lives when they return home, making the choice to reach for their FilterForGood bottle in the morning instead of a bottled water from the fridge. Even if these individuals now reduce their bottled water consumption of ten per week to now five per week, we still consider that a victory as we firmly believe that small changes really do add up.

In addition to handing out bottles and setting up Brita Hydration Hubs out there, FilterForGood also hosted the Brita FilterForGood Film Project aiming to inspire individuals to make environmental changes through short film. The Project asked people from around the country to share an environmental challenge facing their communities and explain why a short film on the subject could help inspire social change. Submissions were posted on the FilterForGood Facebook page and voted on by its community over the last few months. The three films that received the most votes were then turned into short films directed by veteran Sundance Film Festival filmmakers – Jeremy Konner, Amy Grappell and Destin Cretton and were unveiled at the FilterForGood party at this year’s festival.

Each of the films was extremely powerful and shed a light on serious environmental issues that are impacting communities around the globe today. If you have a free moment over the next week, please take a few minutes to watch these incredibly inspiring stories and beautiful, thought-provoking films at: FilterForGood Film Project

See more images from Sundance here and here.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! At Nalgene we’re looking forward to an exciting and eventful 2011 ahead of us. We hope to be able to act as your hydration vessel of choice during all of your upcoming adventures in 2011 whether it’s out on the trail, at the gym, in the office or even serving you along your trek to the top of Everest! We’re excited and ready to take on the new year and the challenges it brings us.

Thanks to everyone out there who chooses Nalgene as your bottle of choice – we wish you a happy and healthy 2011!

Lilith Tour and Nalgene Team-up

The 2010 Lilith Tour and Nalgene Team-up to Reduce Bottled Water Waste At 2010 Summer Concert Series

ROCHESTER, NY (July 2010): After nearly a ten-year hiatus, Lilith Fair returns this summer, casting a spotlight on celebrating women in music and protecting the planet. To mitigate the tour’s carbon footprint, Lilith has partnered with Nalgene as the exclusive reusable water bottle partner. As a result, concert attendees will have the opportunity to choose reusable water bottles in place of wasteful bottled water.

Over the years, summer concert tours have become synonymous with waste. Bottled water, paper plates and individual-sized packaging are a throwaway reality at outdoor festivals. In 2010, Lilith commits to minimizing the tour’s carbon footprint by partnering with companies like Nalgene, and Reverb, a company that provides turn-key greening programs for artists’ tours while conducting grassroots outreach and education with music fans everywhere.

During the summer concert series, Nalgene will offer fans limited-edition Lilith Tour bottles at each of the thirty-plus tour stops. Commemorative Lilith Tour bottles will be available in Nalgene’s 32 oz. Wide-Mouth, 16 oz. Narrow-Mouth and On-the-Go (OTG) styles. Concertgoers can purchase bottles on-site for $15 and refill throughout the day at free “hydration stations” conveniently located at each concert venue. Additionally, fans who are unable to attend the concert this summer can purchase limited edition Lilith Tour Nalgene bottles at while supplies last.

“Our goal in partnering with Nalgene is to reduce the waste produced by single-serve bottled water during our tour this summer – it’s a simple, small change that everyone can take part in, and one that truly makes a difference” said Seth Freed, Sr. Director of Sponsorships for Lilith. “We hope that Lilith fans will join in the spirit of this unique partnership by purchasing a commemorative Lilith Tour Nalgene bottle to use at concert refilling stations, and in their every day lives afterwards.”

Over the years, Nalgene has emphasized the importance of using reusable water bottles in place of bottled water through its FilterForGood partnership with Brita. Through the FilterForGood partnership, Nalgene and Brita have saved millions of bottles from ending up in landfills by asking individuals to take a pledge to reduce waste by choosing a greener combination of reusable water bottles and filtered water.

The 2010 Lilith Tour kicks off on June 27th in Calgary, Canada and continues across Canada and the U.S. through August. For additional information please visit or follow Nalgene and Lilith on twitter at: and