This Earth Day: Nalgene Commits to and Celebrates A More Sustainable Future

2021 marks 51 years of recognizing Earth Day. Today, entire generations know the “3Rs” – reduce, reuse, recycle – like an alphabet.

A half-century later, we’re doing great! Right? Everyone knows to bring their own water bottle to sports practice; nobody goes to the grocery without their own bags. Not so fast. There are ways we can be even more impactful in our choices to reduce, reuse and even recycle. Even in something as seemingly simple as which water bottle to buy for ourselves and loved ones.

Earlier this year and in harmony with Earth Day, Nalgene made that decision even easier for the consumer. We announced that by the end of 2021, we will strive to convert all production of our reusable water bottles to Tritan Renew material, a revolutionary resin made from 50 percent recycled material.

Already underway and expanding, Nalgene launched its Sustain line of bottles in August 2020, the first reusable bottle on the market made from the equivalent of 8 single-use plastic bottles. And in case you’re wondering, Nalgene Sustain bottles all deliver the same high quality, leak-proof, BPA- and BPS-free, dishwasher-safe, and food-safe assurances as to the original Nalgene. No compromise on performance. Just a bigger commitment to sustainability.

But what does that really mean? The impact is huge actually! Since introducing just our Sustain bottles in August 2020,
Nalgene has recycled 150,000 pounds of plastic waste, or the equivalent of 6.6 Million 0.5 liter single-use plastic bottles,
to be made into new products. And that’s just the beginning with manufacturing set to increase to convert all products by year-end.

Now and every day Don’t Just Reuse Your Nalgene. Rescue & Repurpose Trash with It.

Up until now sipping from a reusable water bottle meant you weren’t needlessly adding to the world landfill problem and that alone was an awesome benefit. But, with Nalgene’s use of recycled content in its bottles, the benefits have increased exponentially! Just by using a Sustain, you’re eliminating the use of single-use plastic AND you’re rescuing and repurposing someone else’s discarded plastic into a beneficial product. Now doesn’t that make you feel so much better this Earth Day?

The Future of Recycling is in Your Hands.

With so many sizes and colors from which to choose, there is a Nalgene Sustain made with Tritan Renew for every age, activity, and occasion! How will you make an impact in your next adventure?

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Eight single use bottles were recycled in the production of one Nalgene Sustain bottle
This Earth Day: Nalgene Commits to and Celebrates A More Sustainable Future - Nalgene