Nalgene Water Fund Helps Finance Critically Needed Water Deliveries to Navajo Nation

Sales from specially designed bottle by Diné Artist Jaden Redhair directly give back to community

In November 2020, Nalgene launched the limited edition “Tó éí iiná” (Water is Life) reusable bottle to benefit Navajo Nation as part of its Nalgene Water Fund to promote awareness about access to clean water in the U.S.  The bottle features a striking landscape of Monument Valley by Diné designer Jaden Redhair, 20, member of the Jemez Clan, and a life-long Navajo Nation, resident. 

With record day-of launch sales, Nalgene fans from around the country showed their strong support for the Navajo people. Now, just six months later, proceeds from this popular bottle are directly impacting Navajo Nation residents.  The Nalgene Water Fund recently donated $14,500 to Dig Deep, a human rights nonprofit serving the 2.2 million+ Americans without sinks, bathtubs, or toilets.  The money will specifically go to the Navajo Water Project, a community-managed utility alternative that brings hot and cold running water to hundreds of Navajo homes across three states. 

“I am thrilled that my bottle design for Nalgene could reach so many people around the Country and now directly help so many of my people and their daily struggles with access to water.”

— Jaden Redhair

Sadly, even in modern times and during the devastating effects of Covid-19, 1/3 of Navajo families must haul water home every day. Incredibly, they are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet.

With demand for water ever increasing among America’s largest indigenous tribe, The Navajo Water Project is a critical resource making water deliveries that also create meaningful, high-paying jobs, many with benefits like 100% employer-paid health coverage.  Nalgene’s donation will specifically benefit:

  • Operations & Maintenance – The costs of fuel, annual truck servicing, registration, and miscellaneous vehicle repairs.
  • Equitable Pay for Certified Water Truck Drivers – Nalgene applauds DIGDEEP’s commitment to pay a fair wage to all Navajo Nation employees.  Its donation will support these efforts and CDL training for Navajo technicians to earn licensing to expand the service route.
  • Expanded Safety Protocols – As DIGDEEP continues to expand its service route, the donated funds may also support expanded safety policies and procedures.

Nalgene’s commitment to combat the Navajo Nation water crisis also included a $30,000 donation made in 2020 to fund infrastructure and supplies to create sustainable long-term solutions:

  • $15,000 to The Community Outreach & Patient Empowerment (COPE) Program, a Native-led community-based organization, to install six water filling stations across Navajo Nation, a notoriously rural area.
  • COPE also distributed 90 much needed Nalgene Carboys, 13 gallons reusable containers so Navajo residents can easily transport water from the refill stations. (Valued at $14,000.)

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